Images of Occupy Wall Street

l-r: Mark Lester as Oliver, Ron Moody as Fagin...

After a day of worldwide protests against Wall Street, protesters in Los Angeles and everywhere else are encamped for the long haul. Will they last? Will they succeed? How shall we define success?

If there is any other measure by which to define success, I am reminded of the movie “Oliver”. A musical – with Mark Lester – I have seen countless times and which has made such a profound imprint on my personality. It is a movie that I believe that only the British and those with an affinity for their culture can appreciate.

I remember one occasion, while working in Australia, when the circumstances, office chemistry, personal energies and the human spirit just coincided and were insync. Hard for most anyone to believe considering that we were in an office environment, but, I guess we were just in that joyful mood. We were in complete harmony while working. Right smack in the middle of our chores (for myself, I was chugging away on my ten key skills), our accounting department which consisted of a former Hongkong resident, three filipinos, two Australians, and two people from the British isles started singing a song from the movie “Oliver”, which goes something like this:

“Consider yourself at home. Consider yourself one of the family. I’ve taken to you so strong. It’s clear we’re going to get along. Consider youself well in. Consider yourself part of the furniture. There isn’t a lot to spare ! Who cares ?! Whatever we got we share !”

“If it should chance to be we seee some harder days, empty larger days, why grouse ? Always a chance we’ll meet someone to foot the bill and then the drinks are on the house ! Consider yourself our mate. Whatever we got we share !”


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